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About Us

We are young entrepreneurs who colorize your old photos with today's technology. We are not only repairing your photos, but also we are keeping your happy moments and memories fresh. We take our energy from technology and our motivation from our partners who know the value of their memories that we set out on this journey with the goal of 100% satisfaction.

We are young entrepreneurs who know that every photo is just not a frame, but those are snapshots which are carrying many emotions; sadness, love, passion, and compassion. As a matter of fact, from time to time, we sense that this single frame is the only memory left of our loved ones. With this awareness, while restoring your photos, we are happy to give a legacy that they will leave to future generations to every each of our dear customers who are our solution partners.

Who is Repair Memories?

As Repair Memories, we are at your service with our young and solution-oriented team who are experts in their field and have comprehensive knowledge of technical data. Our headquarter is located in the United States; we provide services within the boundaries of the United States. We have a quarter-century of experience in the photography industry, in the field of photo coloring, repairing, assembling, printing and photoshop. Besides, in order to achieve our goal of 100% customer satisfaction, we have customer support staff that you can contact with any question and problem. We complete all processes from photo processing to printing, from customer support to logistics with experts within our constitution.

We reinforce the strength brought by our experience with the current domination of technology. We have great knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. We do not receive any cheap workforce support from outside. The works that we do are completely in the status of hand workmanship. We are aware that every project that is a hand workmanship product is a work of art, and the efforts of our employees are turned into art. With this view, we provide our entire team within our organization with high salaries which are suitable for their craft.

Repair Memories Notion of Work

The photos that you send are compiled by our order team and then transferred to the design unit along with the information you provide about what actions will be taken on the photo. Here we start working on the digital format by evaluating your requests. We make a great effort to increase the resolution, colorize or complete the missing parts according to your request while processing each image in-depth, with our experienced experts in Photoshop and Retouch.

Also, our professional customer support team will contact you and ask for feedback in necessary cases. We are directing the order with your approval. After receiving approval for the completion of the design, we are proceeding to the printing stage and delivering your photos to you in their first day's vitality. At the end of the processes which are managed step by step by the expert staff of Repair Memories, we wish to leave a big, happy smile on your face because we know that our memories are the most precious gifts to us.

We Keep Your Memories with Repair Memories

We are conscious that memories are more important than money, and the time that has passed cannot be bought. We act with the importance of remembering to resist against the pace of the passing time, forgetting old photographs, their fading, erasing them from memory over time. Realizing that it is our past which determines who we are today, we endeavor to emphasize the immortality of the memories.

Would you also like to preserve the vitality of your memories in your photos as well as in your mind?

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