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Restore Damaged Photos

You may be thinking, is it possible to restore water-damaged photos or remove stains and cracks from a badly damaged old picture?
The answer is yes! Specialist photo repair services like Repair Memories can restore faded photos and repair your old, water-damaged images and bring them back to life.
It’s easy to think a damaged photo found at the bottom of a storage box or an image that’s been stored in a damp or exposed place is beyond repair, but don’t throw it away, as most water-damaged pictures and water-logged images can be restored.
If the photo still has some of the main figure or subject left, no matter how faded, blurred, or cracked the image is, our artists may be able to rebuild the picture by removing the damage and reworking sections to add back its clarity, colour, and tone.
Very few photos we receive are beyond water-damage photo restoration, so please consider our services or contact us via WhatsApp, Email or our Live Chat feature for a free consultation and to find out if we can help.

What Kind of Old Photo Damage Can We Restore?

restoring damaged photos
When questioning how to restore damaged photos and before thinking your cherished picture is destined for the trash, keep in mind that it’s amazing what our talented team of photography experts and artists can achieve.
At Repair Memories, we have over 25 years of experience in retouching and repairing old photos.
When questioning how to restore damaged photos and before thinking your cherished picture is destined for the trash, keep in mind that it’s amazing what our talented team of photography experts and artists can achieve.
  • Scratches and cracks from where a frame has fallen, and the glass has damaged, torn, or broken the image.
  • Tears and folds caused by the passage of time can be seamlessly restored and patched by filling in the gaps using the colours and tones in adjoining parts of the image.
  • Fire, smoke, and water damage to the print can be fixed using the latest AI technology, photo restoration software, and retouching tools.
  • Missing sections of a photo can be restored and replaced by recreating the sections using other parts of the image or the use of a donor image. In some cases, to rework the missing sections and for the result to be successful, we may need your input or another picture of the character or figure present as a reference.
  • Badly faded photos can be revived by enhancing the colours and adding clarity, structure, and tone to the image. It is also possible to add colour to old black-and-white images or antique pictures with little colour present.
  • Sticky tape lines can be removed, and the original tear covered and repaired. This normally happens when someone has stuck a crack or tear together with see-through sticky tape, which has dried, become coloured, and caused damage to the print over time.
  • Water damage caused by the photo or print becoming damp or exposed to moisture and sticking to glass can be repaired and restored. In addition, any sun damage or fading that has resulted can be attended to.
  • Coffee, tea, and ink stains can be removed, and the image reworked back to its original state.

Why Use Repair Memories to Restore Damaged Photos?

If you run a Google search to find the best way of restoring damaged photos, it will produce many results.
However, if your picture carries a cherished memory and you want a natural, flawless result, old faded photo restoration is best handled by professionals like Repair Memories.
Why ?
Because professional photo restorers have a deep respect for old images and photography, and understand how to use the necessary AI software and photo-manipulation tools to ensure you receive impressive results!
There are many advantages of using an old photo repair service rather than downloading an app and having a go at fixing an image yourself.
Some advantages of using Repair Memories to restore old faded photos include:

Easy to Use Photo Restoration Service

Our photo repair service is easily accessed online, and you can upload your photos, choose the service you need, and securely pay for the work quickly, in just a few minutes. You can contact us at any time during the picture repair process via WhatsApp, Email, or Live Chat, so you can rest assured your image request is in safe hands.

Photo Repairs Come With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Repair Memories is committed to producing quality results. Our talented designers are passionate about photography and take great pride in restoring faded photos and reworking an image into one you can enjoy and display again. If you are unhappy with our result, we commit to reworking the image as many times as necessary until it meets your expectations – failing that; you get your money back!

We Only Employ Professional Photo Restoration Artists

There's a lot of skill involved in repairing damaged photos and water-damaged photo restoration. This is why the artists we employ are fairly paid and highly experienced in the use of Photoshop, Retouch, and other photo software packages to ensure they produce the best results.

We Offer Transparent Pricing for All Damaged Photo Restoration Work

Unlike some online photo restoration services, we believe in open communication and transparent pricing. We don’t hide extra prices in the small print, and our team is on hand to deal with any questions you have at any time via WhatsApp, Live Chat, or Email.

For Expert Photo Damage Repair, Use Repair Memories

At Repair Memories, we provide three main old photo restoration services:
  • Assessment: Begin by carefully assessing the extent of the damage. Identify tears, scratches, or missing sections.
  • Digitization: As with restoring faded photos, it's crucial to create a high-quality digital copy of the damaged image.
  • Layered Restoration: Work in layers to apply non-destructive edits. Use cloning and healing tools to repair scratches and tears. For missing sections, you can recreate the missing parts by referencing the surrounding areas.
Each of our services is bespoke, and our artists use a range of the latest photo editing tools and techniques to digitally restore each damaged picture individually.
To learn more about the way we restore damaged photos, head over to our Send your damaged photos page, alternatively, contact us or start restoring damaged photos by uploading your damaged images today at Repair Memories.
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