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Recreating Old Photos

Are you looking to restore old photos or add colour, clarity, and vibrance to your old pictures? If so, let us help, as at Repair Memories, we specialise in recreating old pictures so you can enjoy, share, print, and display them again.
It’s easy to feel nostalgic and recreate old photos in your mind when you look back through an old album, stare at an antique image, or find an old picture in a shoebox.
Photographs are powerful, be it of your childhood, a long-lost friend, a fabulous vacation, or a parent or well-loved partner who sadly passed away.
The problem with old photos is that the prints get damaged easily and look tired over time. As the years pass, images and colours fade, the old photographic paper may crack, or the picture can become scuffed or folded. At this point, it’s easy to assume they are beyond repair. Thankfully, that no longer needs to be the case, as due to advancements in modern technology and photographic software, it’s now possible to have your old pictures recreated.
Our talented team of creatives at Repair Memories does just that – we breathe life back into old photos.
We use the latest AI technology, photo manipulation, and retouching tools to fix tired, blurred, and damaged photos so you can frame, display, and enjoy them again.
Our innovative and affordable online old photo restoration service is quick and easy to use, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures we carry out as many edits and revisions as necessary to ensure you are happy with the result. If we fail to impress, you get your money back!

Recreate Old Photos with Repair Memories

At Repair Memories, we are passionate about pictures. We have over 25 years of experience in standard and digital photography and the use of Adobe Photoshop, Retouch, and other advanced image and photographic software and tools.
We believe in the power of photography and images. We may be a young, modern, and technology-focused company, but we also have a deep understanding and respect for old photography methods, processes, and techniques.
People took far fewer photographs before the ease of snap-and-view, easy-to-bin digital and smartphone photography came into play. Old images were cherished and displayed, as cameras were expensive, and it took time to develop the prints.
old pictures recreated
Without today's modern photo apps and image correction tools, many old photos were unclear or blurry. In addition, many of the old pictures suffer from crumpled corners, stains, creases, or tears.
That’s where we come in, as we fix old pictures, add colour or recreate old photos, so they look like you just picked them up from the printers. This makes them perfect to frame and place on your mantlepiece or gift to a friend or family member for their birthday or a special occasion.

Choose The Photo Restoration Service You Need

You can access our photo restore service via the Repair Memories website.
We offer three bespoke photo repair services:
recreating old photos
  • Colour Enhancement: A tailored service that adds colour and tone to old sepia or black-and-white photos or enhances faded images to give them more colour, tone, and depth.
  • Old Photo Restoration: Our most popular service whereby we fully restore old images. Here, we remove any damage, attend to scratches and creases, and return the photo with the amendments you require.
  • Photo Editing: Sometimes, all you need is a blemish or section of the image removed or more tone or clarity added to the picture. Our old photo editing service provides the solution and is tailored to your needs.

Recreate Old Photos Today!

If you’re interested in old photo restoration and want to see what we do, please check out examples of our work in our gallery.
Alternatively, get started and email or upload your old images today at Repair Memories.
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